At Castle Hill Foods, we’re always looking for like minded people who share our passion for health, sustainability, and harnessing the power of whole foods. If you have an established audience that shares these values, we’d love to work together.

If you are interested in working with us, please read the below requirements first!
We are very intentional about who we work with and want to make sure we are a good fit.


We are looking for passionate people who want to shout from the mountain top about how easy and delicious Pluck makes getting organ meats into the diet. We do have some requirements to become an affiliate though. Please ensure you meet the following:

1. You must operate an established website or business with a 100+ people email list or a social media following over 1,000 followers. We do not accept coupon or offer sites.

2. You may not use your affiliate link to purchase products for your own personal use or for resale. We offer a special 17% off coupon code for personal Affiliate Purchases. Please email for the code.

3. We reward our bi-monthly top affiliate with free product. If you are a high performing affiliate and are a top seller for two months in a row, we will send you free Pluck products.

5. If you have a clinic or brick and mortar, then you are a candidate for our wholesale program. Affiliate codes cannot be used to receive a commission on top of our discounted wholesale pricing.


  • We offer 15% commission on all initial sales and a 60 Day Cookie
  • Payout options – PayPal, check or gift card
  • Payout on the 3rd of every month with a minimum pay-out of $5
  • 30-day pay-out after the allotted refund period
  • Special discount coupon code for personal Affiliate purchases

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Harriet at





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